Let's start here sweet friend. 

As you get to know me you'll soon learn my heart goes crazy for anything rustic and old. Hence the same "Simply Rustic Em". Some people look a little crazy at me when they see words written on an old window. It's kind of a risk to design. But I see more than a window. 

When I see an old window I see a story to be told. There is something so special about the thought of that window being responsible for keeping the cold winter storms from coming into a home. That window capturing the love and laughter in a home. Oh the stories that window could tell if it could talk. When I get to add calligraphy to that window and hang it up in a home- its like a story from the past getting another chance to soak up the action in a new home. & I love that.

Ya know, you're kinda like that window. In a way you truly are. I'm not sure where you're at today. Im not sure what you've been through. But at some point I'm sure you've been let down, let go of. Someone decided you didn't fit their style any longer and upgraded to newer more efficient friend or...window (ya get it)? 

But there is something beautiful in that. Ya know, cause God, He doesn't care where you've been. He doesn't care who let you down. He doesn't care what your old story is, cause He's here to help ya soak up a new one. He doesn't really care if you aren't the most stylish or efficient. In fact- He's in the business for fixing your broken glass. 

You have a story to tell, you've seen and experienced things no one else has. Let God be the calligrapher to your story. Let him pretty you up. 

There is beauty in your chippy painted past. 

xoxo Em