When will it be my turn?

When will it be my turn God?
it's so easy to look around and see others living out our dreams. It's like somehow God must have had a miscommunication with us and gave our dreams to someone else.
We compare our insides to someone else's outside. We forget that God has a plan for us. We compare. We let comparison make us feel less than.
It's easy to get caught up in the comparisons. It's easy to get lost in the race when we are focused on everyone else's accomplishments & our failures.
When you're caught up, remember:
God is writing your story. 
Not to make your heart happy, 
but to turn your heart on him.
cause that's where happiness lies,
in Jesus.

So, it's okay if your story doesn't look like everyone else's. It's okay. God's got a plan & He's preparing your heart.


xoxo Em